Guest Posting Inquiries

We welcome guest posts from anyone but we are looking specifically for these topics.

  • Opportunities that aren't multilevel marketing (MLM) programs
  • Personal experiences working in a specialized niche
  • Gadgets or ideas that make freelancing life easier
  • Legal matters that affect freelancers or solopreneurs

Word count must be at least 300 words and a basic grammar/spelling check is appreciated.  Personal attacks against an individual or a specific demographic will not be accepted, along with posts that have been stuffed with popular keywords.  If there is a topic you feel is worth sharing but not on the list, please shoot us an email.  We prefer that writers have a direct email or verifiable blog that can be included in the byline.  Social media handles are welcome, as well as links to other media (e.g. YouTube page).  At the moment (January 2022), this is the only compensation offered.
If you want a guest blog post for your site...

Please state information about your brand and what you're looking for.  Free content is only granted for post swaps.

For a limited time, guest post swaps are welcome under the condition that I can link my blog and social media handles.  If this isn't possible, please send me an email and we can discuss a viable solution.

Otherwise, payments for blog posts can be remitted via PayPal.

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