Create Presentations that Reflect You

Even if getting in front of an audience isn't your thing, knowing how to create a good presentation goes a long way.  Especially if you're a writer and want a break or a way to make extra income, like creating your own tutorials, a solid presence will take you far.

One thing that can make a difference is believing in the product or your brand  Speaking in a conversational tone is a lot better than trying to sound like a newscaster.  When people are themselves on record, their message is easier to receive than from someone who speaks in a perfect monotone.

While some will say to put some pep in the pitch, speaking too fast can come off as dishonest.  Like a used car salesman type of shady.  Just breathe and let the words flow.

MS Powerpoint can be a friend to those looking to create unique videos for promotional purposes.  It's easy to use and it can be uploaded fast on most viral video sites.  However, many tend to be lost when it comes to creating an engaging product.  Some forget to take advantage of MP4 imports, cool transitions, and the ability to make something unique.