Friday, February 21, 2020

A Gig Worth Considering: Home Inspector

If you live in an area where the real estate market is vibrant, a home appraiser or inspector may be a freelancing gig worth looking into. O*NET rates this job as having a "Bright Outlook" with steady growth.  Many who enjoy this go on to work full-time, making an average of  Not to be confused with home staging, which focuses on interior visuals, assignments call for you to inspect, analyze, and write extensive reports for financial lenders to reviews.  This is a service needed by banks to approve newly-built properties as well as older homes for sale.

The first time I heard of this position was a couple of decades ago.  A mutual acquaintance took a correspondence course for a few dollars and after completion, realized they could make a tidy sum for just a few hours work.  Today, the average appraisal fee potential buyers pay is around $350 per visit but those who live in larger cities can command at least $800.

Training is also minimal but depending on the state, it can be an ongoing process and there are a few instances where college hours are necessary.  Some states call for new graduates to complete an apprenticeship or put in a number of hours.  This is required in the state of California, along with being able to pass a LiveScan fingerprint process.  While some schools may cost in the early hundreds to a little more than a thousand, there are some low-cost options for home inspection training.

Since the requirements vary by the state, it's important to look these up before signing up with any school.  We all know that the internet is loaded with scammy folks looking for someone vulnerable, so it's best to begin a sound investment having facts in hand.  If you happen to have an extreme life event, such as a felony or filing for bankruptcy, it's best to check with your state government since they issue the license.

So while this isn't something a person can start overnight, it may de ideal for mystery shoppers who want to expand their knowledge.  Although the process is a lot more detailed than submitting a normal form that takes anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to process before getting paid (see where I'm going with this).  Sometimes, thinking outside of the box (web development, coding, or dealing with a government gig), is what indie thinking types need while being able to pay the bills.

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