Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Freelance Gig to Consider: Micro Wedding Planner

While there's so much going on in the world today, people want to celebrate life more than ever!  Career changes, school graduation, and bringing little ones into the world continue for many facing an uncertain future.  Couples planning for that Big Day now have options they might not have considered when they became engaged. One of those options is a micro wedding in any venue that will accommodate the maximum number of guests in accordance with state laws.

At one time, these were restricted to backyards or courthouses that made for ceremonies that were festive than civil.  These days, using Zoom, streaming video at a remote location, or outdoor private space are becoming choices for those looking to tie the knot.  Even though there may be less space to work with, sometimes having someone on the outside to plan is needed.

Great for New Graduates

If you've taken an event planning, marketing, or wedding planner course recently, this may be the best way to flex your party mentality.  While most planners consider the budget, a fitting theme, and scheduling, the priority here will most likely be social distancing for guests.  One idea for selling services would be to look at different venues in the area and get the event requirements in place.

Depending on where you live, this service alone may not be an easy sell for some prospects.  However, when you emphasize what a positive impact a festive event can have on everyone's mood, this may be enough to get them to consider your services.  Then there's the matter of convenience, as planning any wedding can be a stressful event for any bridal party.

Types of Microweddings to Promote

Backyard of a Private Residence - these are simple yet there are things a planner can foresee that a regular person may not have thought of.  One thing that's common is the right kind of chairs since guests may remain seated for hours at a time.  There's also crowding or doing a proper cleanup between the ceremony and cocktail hour or the actual reception.

Elopement - you can make travel arrangements to a scenic location that performs ceremonies and provides keepsakes for those unable to attend.  While the bridegroom may have ideas, having someone to double-check the details ensures their day will go smoothly.  By actively promoting your business, you may be able to arrange a discount if you anticipate bringing in future business.

Hotel Package - right now, the hospitality industry is seeking any kind of business they can get since fewer people are traveling.  Although some have affordable packages, these can be kind of generic.  These days, couples want to have a unique experience so you can use your knowledge and resources to ensure that they have the wedding of their dreams.

Remote - similar to an elopement but guests may watch via video at an outdoor location or accommodating space.  Travel and timing for the bridal party to mingle with guests will need to be planned carefully.  There's also the matter of ensuring there's a limit on plus-1's.

What to Expect Outside of Keeping Up with Changes

As of today, it seems that conditions in most major cities are improving but it could be a year or two before things return to normal.  Depending on county statistics, the higher the contamination number, the less likely people will be ready to party legally and without wearing a mask.  Stay abreast of local updates for public gatherings and find affordable alternatives for those who may lack protection.

Like it's stated above, be prepared to sell this service, and don't let the pandemic prevent you from building a list of contacts.  There are similar businesses, like caterers, florists, seamstresses, and small retailers who want business anywhere they can find prospects who'll enjoy their goods.  Even those who've gotten rid of their storefront and gone strictly online will appreciate being in the know.

To make your services stand out, you may want to take inventory of the types of weddings held in your area.  Then consider what kind of investment you can put into promotion outside of social media and getting the word out.  Some experts recommended that inexperienced wedding planners do a couple of freebies with the understanding that clients leave a positive recommendation (or at least constructive criticism).  If you find that experienced planners dominate your area, you could also offer to volunteer as a way to gain experience.

Free and low-cost ($150<) wedding and party planner courses are offered by -
While the institutions listed mostly provide the fundamentals, they're a great alternative to investing time and money with more costly entities.  If you think handling larger projects is ideal for you, then I'd recommend contacting The Wedding Planning Institute.  Along with wedding and corporate event planning, they also offer live and online classes, as well as internships.

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