Saturday, November 6, 2021

Freelance Leads for Fall 2021, 3 of 3

This third and final post in this series is more of a gig or side income listing but these have been around for a while. The first two opportunities do not promote dating or contact that’s not platonic.  These are also ideal if you’re looking to make extra money for the holidays and completing those online surveys just isn’t getting it.

Rent a Friend - yes, it’s something like that Kevin Hart/Josh Gad movie except there’s no wedding party participation involved.  However, this is becoming a trend for those who may lack an active social life due to family and/or work obligations.  While I didn’t see any stipulations that forbid developing a genuine friendship afterward, like online dating, tread carefully.

If you want to get your snuggle on, here’s a few companies that promote safe engagement with client and contractor - 

Cuddle Comfort Cuddle Companions

Here’s what one review site said about Snuggle Buddies.

If you want to become a therapeutic snuggler, get trained on the proper methods.

If you like to do the cyber thing, Web Employed also has some leads to help expand your social circle.

DISCLAIMER: We at Freelancing Fun cannot be held responsible for the outcome of these encounters.  I love and hate everyone kind of equally so my social circle is okay.  I’ve never tried any of these services nor have I been compensated to list them in this blog post.

The last opportunity is ideal for those who like to write and may be interested in self-publishing.  So far, the only straightforward information I’ve found on the self-publishing hustle is on this freelancing site.  However, if you like looking at statistical numbers, testimonials, or just want some real talk about the pros and cons of self-publishing, Sidehusl will never steer you wrong.

I heard the term printable last year and it seems to be low-risk and something you can do over the course of a weekend.  The only catch seems to be writing unique content and choosing a marketable topic.  In other words, infographic-style books about working from home, small business, or entrepreneurship may be a little played out (maybe with some funny illustrations, I’d buy it).

Author Michael Kevin, who wrote Great Niche Ideas for No Content and Low Content Books, has some good concept ideas (Mr. Kevin isn’t paying me, so I recommend you get this book at the lowest price possible).  However, you may want to look into things you know well and put a spin on it, like educational, entertaining, or self-help purposes.

Blogger Tracie Fobes can also give you a solid outline for getting started on printables as a lucrative side hustle.  Might I add, this is one of those opportunities that works best with a solid promotional plan.  Remember social media is free to use and sell (most of the time).

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