We Are the Future (or How to Survive the Freelancing Life)


While the grind can be draining, this life is a reality for many indie workers out there.  From client relations to taxes, it seems there's no end but depending on how you market yourself and the goods you're selling, you can come out on top.  Here's some quick tips - 

  • Take time for yourself - this seems impossible at two stages: 1) when you're getting started, and 2) when business is booming.  Depending on your planning, these stages can be a make or break moment but doing things like taking a day to not deal with clients or your next move may allow for fresh ideas to enter.
  • Don't give in to unreasonable demands - a lot of freelancers get stumped on this one but repeated actions of this kind lead to fumbling the bag...and your reputation.  While satisfying clients is the core of good businesses dealings, it's your job to filter out those predatory individuals or entities that are looking to get over.  Choose your loss leader wisely and move on to the next prospect if there's no deal to be made.
  • Outsource Your Weak Areas - this should go without saying but a lot of newbie freelancers love to cut corners, especially in the beginning.  The IRS often will give leeway to those making a little money the first year or two but otherwise, they don't play when it comes to taxes.  On a milder note, if you know your website is out of date, hire a college student to give your online real estate a makeover
  • Move past the negativity - people who tell you to go back to work (depending on the circumstances, they may have a point), a stream of bad clients, or a horrid chain of events can easily influence someone to throw in the towel.  It's impossible to guard yourself against all bad things but if you remind yourself why you became a freelancer, the inspiration to resume should return quickly.  If not, it may be time for a new strategy.