A Freelance Gig to Consider: Certified Juice Therapist

I have no personal knowledge of this entity, as it came up on my Facebook feed over the holidays. It's a new year and some of you may be considering a new hustle.  Hey, bills have to be paid but this juice therapist certification is the only one I've seen of its kind.  So...how do we know it's legit?  Maybe poke around the site and ask yourself some very important questions.

The Juice Guru website looks interesting and appears to be informative.  While I couldn't find a page with the startup costs, there's a payment plan for those on a budget.  In their refund policy, they state the program isn't for the person who isn't serious.  This is good to know because refunds are prorated depending on how far a person's progressed.

I'd say this is a good business idea for those who have - 

  • Improved their health through juicing
  • Lost weight safely (as in maintaining for a lengthy period) by juicing
  • Know the science behind healing with food
  • Willing to create a solid social media campaign testifying the benefits of juicing

While there are freebies and other things that look promising from a health perspective, I'd proceed with caution.  With further navigation, there's a soft spot I never play with, regardless of how much money is involved.  To this day, I've never heard of anyone curing cancer with juice consumption and for someone who's currently in remission (again), I think it's a bold statement.  While The Juice Guru has been accredited and has a long list of good reviews and testimonials, it can't hurt to do thorough research.