Increase Sales by Celebrating Get to Know Your Customers Day

Get To Know Your Customers Day is not only an unofficial holiday but an event that should inspire an ongoing habit. Learning about what's really important to customers and making proper segmentation by needs. If this sounds over your head, it's not that bad but whatever day you decide to do this, make sure you put your efforts to good use.

Never Assume You Know Everything

Even if sales are good and your online traffic is growing, this can change with a drop of a hat. Oftentimes, we're the last to know there's been a change in trends or some other factor as to why sales aren't increasing. It may be something on social media or a controversial matter that has nothing to do with you. When business is good, sometimes it's hard to come up for air and observe these changes.

Conduct an Online Survey

Yes, this is basic and although some of you may not feel great about doing this, offering something in return should change your mind. Since digital downloads are the fastest thing to submit, you should consider these valuable yet low-cost items. Many of these are easy to reproduce and share on social media as well.

  • A newsletter that's entertaining and/or informative.
  • A whitepaper that discusses upcoming changes in your industry.
  • An ebook that covers how-tos or tutorials.
  • Free admission to an upcoming webinar.
  • A PDF that serves as a user's shortcut to a product or service.

Read Trade Papers or Websites that Regularly Discuss Trends

This can also be achieved through Google. Google Alerts and Trends deliver timely information to your inbox as often as you like. Another place to find trade journals and related media is your local library. Oftentimes, niche subjects can be found in their online database and you can sign up to receive updates directly from the source.

List Your Services on Review Sites

Before doing this, you should learn online reputation management basics. The reason is that some people will claim to have an awful experience when they're either exaggerating or worse. While this isn't the majority of users or visitors but there are some people who will narrate a mishap as a tragedy. 

Many inexperienced entrepreneurs often say the first thing on their mind but there are some ways to get the truth out of a person. Whatever your method, make it fast and discreet. Most importantly, take action ASAP.

Pay Attention to Buying Habits

As the above video states, you should know what your customers are buying and how often. This affects sales, communication, and future marketing strategies - including loss leaders. If you've experienced a slump or feel you can do better, this is an area worth looking into. 

By taking a close look at the buyer journey steps, you may find that the matter stops and starts at the engagement point. Sometimes, it takes good content to push prospects in the right direction. In the meantime, you should explore new ways to connect with your audience and win their loyalty.