CYA Chitika and other Once-Popular Marketing Tools

Just got the notice in my email yesterday and I'm a little shocked.  The little ad revenue sharing company seems to have struggled behind Google Adsense for years but truthfully, I've never heard of many people making any money with them.  But then again, you and I both know that internet marketing techniques change frequently...and sometimes, without notice.

For the majority of my writing career, I found social bookmarking to be one of the best ways to promote articles and blog posts.  As long as it was tagged correctly and you showed some love to fellow contributors, it was all good...and fast.  This was also one of the ways that content marketing articles could generate noticeable residuals. Oh yeah, it also helped if they had decent rankings, as there were a lot of perpetrators out there...and some even wanted money to list links on their webpage.

Mind you, this was back in the early 2000s and I've been out of commission for nearly five years.  So imagine my surprise when I saw that Delicious, BookmarkSync, and a few dozen more are history in 2019.  Even AddThis, which once allowed users to add bookmarks quickly and for free, has changed their business model.

While the constant changes in digital marketing may be exciting for some, it's not the ideal career for those who like their day super-routine.  It seems like once a month, there is a new company to look out for or technique but it seems the real staying power is about 50/50.  Don't believe me?  Remember Periscope. In less than two years, it went from being the rage to 'Oh yeah...that'. The alternative was either Snapchat or Vine but this has changed at least three times since.

Anyway, the above video is the latest content I could find in regard to ad revenue sharing.  There's probably one company that was in full existence at the time of uploading but may be history by the end of 2019.  The only thing I can suggest for writers and content contributors is to keep a log of all social media sites and networks used to promote products and services.


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