Get Your Video Marketing in Shape the Easy Way

You may have noticed in recent that there's no magic formula to creating the perfect streaming video for business.  Some freelancers get by with a free presentation app or cheap animation software but often counter with aggressive social media marketing tactics that take away from the humble resource used.

Then there are those who go viral with the special cameras and effects that look as if it were made by a professional.  Some may even go to an amateur filmmaker to make sure that your best side is captured because that slight bulge from that last beer is really going to counter the great offerings you have.

However, it seems that the person who does almost nothing (cheap camera with bad angles and audio) can get a multitude of followers despite the horrid quality.  Then again, putting in a lot of effort (and $$) can take away the authenticity of a brand or product. If a person were to take a good look, they may uncover some important details they've been overlooking in their visual content.

If you've noticed the online, print, and TV ads in the past couple of years, you'll see that someone (FINALLY) got the bright idea to begin using regular people.  Not perfect regular people that blend in a crowd but real regular folks - the differently-abled, overweight, not-exactly-easy on the eye but loaded with personality - just like many individuals most of us know in real life!

While this is not to say that a brand should stray from their truth to appease others, it is just an angle to consider when a viral plan isn't going as expected.  It may also help to create more than one type of viral presence.  In other words, create two or more videos that are engaging or informative or one that looks like it was filmed and uploaded at a random moment.

For those who did not take marketing or film classes, it may help to go with video marketing basics and build from there.  After a while, you'll see how your storytelling abilities will help drive sales or gain more followers.  You may even find that your audience is made up of subgroups and rather than invest in A/B testing, create something for each of these groups.

Let's just say a product or service you offer is popular with millennials and Gen-X's.  While the two groups may appreciate the same music, fashion, or movies, their priorities are likely to be different.  In essence, younger people tend to think about the present, while those over 40 are most concerned with long-term benefits.

Using a teeth whitening product as an example, a younger person may care about social benefits while an older person may see that a whiter smile can help them professionally.  While a healthy social life an career may be important to both group, the positioning is what makes a difference.  Creating viral real estate that reflects the positive aspects in an authentic voice is what will drive audiences in.