A Low-Cost Startup Opportunity that's Stood the Test of Time

You're probably like me where you drop into the exercise thing at least once a week. It's not that you don't want to do more but you can't.  There are a lot of women in the same situation but one common complaint that many people have is there aren't enough options.  Between the purple place that costs nothing but remains crowded (except between the hours of 2:43 AM and 5:21 AM) and others where the environment is less than friendly - one exercise program continues to dominate.  And get this, it's now 50 years old.

Yup, Jazzercise is still going strong and women (along with some men) find the high energy environment hard to part with.  For those unfamiliar, this was the first exercise program that used upbeat music to get the crowds going.  While Richard Simmons may be considered a pioneer of making exercise hella fun, Judi Sheppard Missett deserves some of the credit for breaking ground in an industry that was mostly ruled by men.

If you're really old school, you might remember an exercise program that came on the public access stations called Body Buddies.  This was the first time a husband and wife were featured on a televised fitness program (before them, the infamous Jack LaLanne).  Unlike most live exercise programs, the couple down-to-earth rapport was refreshing.  However, waiting for a program to come on, unless you were fortunate enough to own a VCR back in the late 1970s wasn't really feasible for the working woman.

Although Jazzercise began in 1969, it began to rise in popularity across the nation during this time.  Disco music still ruled and more people were getting off on the dance floor.  Not to be confused with procreation exercises but people realized that just moving would help them to keep the excess weight off.  Most importantly, the workouts felt good without spending a lot of money.  And it was easy for a person to start their own franchise at their local recreation center or anywhere with space to lease.

And it's still easy for anyone to own a Jazzercise franchise today. For less than $1500, this is ideal for those seeking part-time income, freelance personal trainers, or a weight loss influencer who wants to expand their brand. It's also a great way to stay in shape, as some instructors offer classes 2-3 times a week.  One thing that makes this program popular is that the moves are simple and there are different levels of impact, which is great for those with limited mobility.