Host Virtual Events as an Income Stream

If you use live workshops to promote or sell other services, then chances are you may have to come up with another strategy.  Even though some people may be off work or have limited hours, you can still come up with some creative ways to sell that book, workshop or other money-making entity.  If you haven't considered hosting a virtual event in the past, then this may be another way for you to keep up with the rising cost of toilet paper and bottled water.

The Basics of Virtual Event Planning

While you may have heard of event planning courses, these aren't necessary unless you plan to make this your business.  Only those who go on to work with corporations should invest in a certificate, otherwise starting off with an inexpensive online certificate program is enough to give you a better idea of what's involved.

On the other hand, if you just want to do this for yourself, virtual event planning basics can be broken down into just a few steps.  A lot of people who run their own online webinars often say it's a learning curve in the beginning but once you get the hang of apps like Zoom, it all falls into place.

Promotion, Promotion,...and Don't Be Shy about Promotion

The reason why a lot of online or virtual events go bust is that people didn't do enough to promote.  While your blog or social media page may be a free resource, it can also limit your audience.  If you have a product or service that benefits brides and that time of year is near, break out with your best networking game.
Ask about guest posting on other sites, see if you can contribute to a gift bag, or anything relevant to get your name out there.  Even hit up salons in your area since this is one day when people want to look their best.  Also, check out sites like Course Horse, Eventbrite, and others that help promote live and online events.

Getting it All Together

Once you come up with a virtual event concept, plan of execution, and strong methods of communication, you can try additional ways to keep your audience interested.  Some people dread answering surveys but you can find ways to make it interesting while you do a little marketing.  Find out what their goals are and apply this to your presentation.  If you mention that a certain subject will be covered early on, this will make others want to share and tune in.

Test out the app you plan to use for usability, audio, and visual upload ease.  Ask someone you trust to give feedback.  The last webinar I attended was a fail even though it was something I really wanted (demand) and it was free (even better).  The presenter was not only late but really disorganized and didn't explain things thoroughly.  Had to leave after 20 mins...and keep in mind that some people won't give you that much of a chance if they sense something isn't right.