Sunday, June 28, 2020

New to Freelancing? Get Free Guidance During Pandemic

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Most people who work for themselves found themselves thrust into their current work situation.  And for some, getting laid off or choosing to leave without a real plan in place may have been the best thing to happen.  However, there are others who struggle with the protocol and wonder which foot they should put forward first.

The My Own Business Institute (MOBI), in partnership with California's Santa Clara University, runs a series of no-cost online entrepreneurial classes year-round.  The curriculum is in plain English (there's also a Spanish version) and the content is to the point.  Upon completion, you receive both a certificate of completion and a digital badge at no extra charge.

While the regular sessions may take up to a month for the average reader to complete, the Quick Start Entrepreneur program is comprised of 10 short lessons.  Although it takes some of the essentials of the Starting a Business curriculum, new courses in storytelling and selling have been added.  Enrolled students also have access to a host of resources, some of which help with learning how to work effectively during a pandemic.

For those who are out of work and anticipate returning to an office, having a digital badge to show off can place anyone ahead of the competition.  If you're not yet ready to start a business but want more training, Lynda is available for free through most library systems.  The good thing is that every learning path or module completed also shows on your LinkedIn account.

Sometimes, all it takes to get ahead is a little push from an unexpected resource.  We may think reading the same articles about becoming a freelancer or working at home will help with progress but since we're all individuals, that's not the case.  Everyone has a different learning style as well as different needs to get ahead.

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