A Freelance Gig Worth Considering: Bicycle Repair Tech

More people are giving up their vehicles for a number of reasons - personal budget cuts, the environment, or their health.  However, the nice thing about this profession is there's no intense training or certification to get started.  Some bicycle repair techs got their experience by practicing on their own bikes, either out of necessity or they just had a knack for it growing up.

As this pandemic is showing little signs of slowing in most major U.S. cities, this freelance can definitely be in demand if one were to look at their community.  Is COVID causing people to gain weight?  Rely less on public transportation?  Or cut back on their auto expenses?

This is ideal if your gyms, parks, and other public recreation centers are closing or limiting services.  Same for buses and train services that have cut back due to fewer passengers or a shortage of drivers.  So the demand is definitely there and the cost of training may be minimal.

Now, working on e-bikes may require more than the video above but there are options that can run you under $150.  My alma mater, Santa Monica College, offers a free non-credit Skillbuilder course that's offered online (as of this date).  There are also a number of proprietary institutions with year-round offerings.  As a word to the wise, I wouldn't spend a lot of money at an entity that also offers vocational training programs like Interior Decoration or Pet Grooming.  IJS.

If you want to get more experience, Indeed has full and part-time job listings that average $18/hour.  In an age where our lovely government doesn't know when they're going to send out that second stimulus payment or if unemployment will be extended on a federal level, this isn't bad.  Work climates are usually spacious enough to allow for social distancing.

Once you gain experience and a solid following, you may want to open your own shop.  While this may seem like the ideal work-at-home gig, unlike sitting in front of a computer all day, your landlord may have something to say about it.  Since these are different times and you happen to have a cool person in charge, you might be able to talk them into a deal.  Either offer to pay for working space or see if you can barter services.  Paying rent on time isn't a priority for many these days,  they should offer some flexibility.  You can also look into small commercial spaces that allow for storage of bikes and equipment.