Non-Depressing Pandemic Topics for Content Writers and Marketers

To say these are not easy times is the understatement of the century.  So many issues and even more questions than even experts can handle.  Turn on the media and it's easy to get lost in the negativity because face it, there's little we can do as an individual if others aren't on board.  Even better, getting the truth from the powers that be regarding money, the pandemic, and how we're supposed to function as this thing progresses.

However, having an optimistic yet pragmatic POV, along with keeping masks and disinfectant gear nearby 24/7.  Of course, you know this (or have at least heard) but what the public wants is a distraction they can use that has nothing to do with politics or heated money topics.  Being productive is one way to survive the COVID blues.

Article and social media topics for B2B or B2C don't necessarily have to be dreadful but inspirational to families and individuals affected by the pandemic.  When analyzing the audience, there are at least two groups to focus on - those looking for survival and those looking to prepare for better things.   Both have different needs when it comes to maintaining a daily balance.

People looking for work often need resources that will help keep them calm during their job search.  Those who may be looking to change positions or switch careers may want to learn survival techniques that suit their current needs.  Anyone seeking both may need a laundry list of resources, including inspiration that will help them pull through these trying times.

Topics to consider for content marketing are as follows -

Activism - this isn't about picketing the streets but learning the laws and encouraging others to get involved.  Learn the right terms, know which government branch and the contact that needs to hear what you have to say, and to say it.

Commerce - learn what businesses can do to maintain operations.  If you're a decent digital marketer or web designer, this is the time to introduce yourself as someone who may be able to save your local business.   Work on a marketing pitch that a business cannot possibly deny because it should emphasize how to remain in the public eye - at minimal cost to them.

Consumer Interest - which retailers are offering the best deals right now.  Some brick and mortar operations are closing their doors for good, while others are offering incredible markdowns.  This group is also open to ideas about bartering or where to get the best deal on things like prepaid debit cards that come with incentives.

Job Seekers/Career Changers - remember, this group can be rather broad, as there are many who are getting their degrees at 40, entering the workforce under unusual circumstances, or want the best vocational career advice. 
While some things, like college scholarships, are more common for the 21-and-under student, there are also some opportunities that welcome life experience. Freelancers are often open to sharing what it really takes to go from employee to small business owner.  People tend to relate better to accounts that detail challenges instead of the usual overnight success stories.

Parents and Guardians - keeping the kids busy and properly informed is already a challenge, throw in the need to cut back financially or having them pitch in on household tasks.  And sometimes the parents need resources to figure their next move, even if they are fortunate to be employed at the moment.  Upcycling, DIY, and conserving goods are good family projects that can be intertwined into the world we are living in today.

The Downsizers - more people are moving back home, taking a roommate, or cutting back on their living space to save money.  Others are selling their brand name goods to clothing resellers and places where they can move usable items fast.  While this seems like a practical move for most, this time can be emotionally challenging.  This group may benefit from ways to get the most for their goods or how to cope during uncertain times.

The New Work-At-Homers - there are more remote workers popping up with mixed results.  While some love working in their undies, others crave personal interaction or getting out and about.  This also includes students who've had their colleges shut down and are learning new ways to focus and keep up with deadlines.

Finally, any of these groups