Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Freelance Gig Worth Considering: Holistic (or Green) Housecleaning Business

With all the pandemonium going on, this can be hit or miss in your area.  In other words, if you live in the vicinity of working persons who care about sustainable life but don't have time for regular cleaning...you may be on to something.  If your range of neighbors prioritizes food and rent above else, they may not care about whether their cleaning products have carcinogens or are hazardous to inhale.

However, if you're a good salesperson you can use the pandemic to enlighten your prospective clients.  For instance, you can enlighten them about the effectiveness of using thymol-based products for killing COVID-19 germs.  Or just that your service can save them from burning gas when they run from one store to another looking for out-of-stock products.

If money is a great concern for prospects, try to arrange a group rate for those who live or work within a short radius of one another.  Depending on your area desired, you can also upsell other advantages of using your service - native language speaker, bondable, or steam cleaning services.  Anything that will place you ahead of the competition should at least get you a trial run. 

While starting a green cleaning business is very similar to running a regular cleaning business - low startup, offers flexible hours, and so on - educating people is the key.  Some people still think of the green lifestyle as having a high price tag but these days, products are coming down in price as demand grows.  If funds are low, having a sole proprietorship may be the best choice.  Otherwise, if there's a franchise in your area that's proven to be profitable and you can afford it, this may be better.

In the meantime, green cleaning articles can help answer some tough questions your client may have.  Also, if you plan to buy your own supplies, it helps to know which brands have actual disinfecting properties against COVID-19.  There's a good chance you may be asked to give a short demonstration and if you can prove that products actually clean, then that alone may win you a loyal client!

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