Don't Knock the (Micro) Hustle

While some new freelancers don't like the idea of getting paid pennies to do menial tasks, others look at the long-term benefits.  Let's say you answer surveys for 20 minutes a day, 15 days out of the month.  Even at $.075 to a dollar or so per transaction, this can knock out a small bill that's due at the end of the month.  Some small tasks may pay five dollars and up, so it's just a matter of finding the right site and being available at the perfect time.  If the payout requirements are too strenuous like every survey pays $.50, you only get three surveys a month, and the payout is more than $10.  There are way better sites for freelancers looking for something different to supplement their income,

While this only applies to simple tasks like web searches, answering surveys, and the like, watch out for those predatory clients who want tons of code or informative SEO articles with your own images.  Yep, they're still out there and the hook is the promise of regular work or a bonus.  Don't fall for the okey-doke.

If you want more details on which freelancing sites to trust, SideHusl is like a 'consumer digest' for anyone looking to sell their services or wares.  These responsive pages are loaded with tens of companies listed by rank and honest reviews of what the user can expect.  Along with sage financial advice, there's also a rental section for equipment, real estate, and more! So far, I've seen nothing that shows bias towards a company (as in a paid ad) but so far, this freelance review site hasn't steered me wrong.

A lot of people are changing their tune since the pandemic has hit just about every industry as well as some government agencies.  They realize that the coins (not necessarily pennies) can add up in little time and if they can open an account just for mad money, they may be able to treat themselves during these trying times.
Finally, if you want to make good use of your idle time, Google Opinion Rewards is a good way to build Play credits.  Unlike some sites, the questions are mostly close-ended (no need for lengthy explanations) and the most I've seen per survey are five questions that required a single checkmark.  Occasionally, they may ask for a receipt image (you'll still get paid if you choose to opt-out) but this process is very easy.  Face it, Google knows most of your business anyway, so if you don't mind discussing places you've visited or give input on your personal demographics, you can earn enough to get that app or movie download you've been wanting.