Should You Continue Applying to Content Writing Companies?


The above video brings out many valid points for those who like to blog or write for content companies.  Some of these tips I plan to use for my own freelance biz because there's always room for improvement or get money a little faster, right?  Even if your money is good at the moment, things have a way of changing and sometimes it takes someone outside of our circle to point out these factors.

Here are my own cliff notes on freelance content writing today.  It's not all bad but hear me out, please - 

  • Content companies should only be used to fill in gaps.  Even better, register with no more than three that have been around for years and have minimal complaints.  The reason being is that many companies (past and present) are like that person you meet in a nightclub.  You may or may not know their real name.  You may get paid for your required sample job but watch out for those high payout minimums, they could be a trap to NEVER pay you.  Or worse, bad there may be no future jobs due to bad management.

  • Look at the matter as a business and not a job.  When we work for another employer, there's a set hourly rate that usually goes up with the cost of living or how often raises are given.  Seldom do non-management positions allow for salary negotiation at the midway point.  While this works for a company that will give employees continuous work and benefits, clients are a different breed.  Don't be afraid to turn down low rates or ask for more money as milestones are completed.  If you decide to include a loss leader (freebies) ensure there's something in return like engagement or lead generation.

  • While content writing can be a cool way to earn money in your spare time, full-time work can be draining.  Maybe monotonous is a better word and while this may work for you personally, it can turn into a rut. If you find yourself writing content for a long time, either specialize or learn how to create other forms of media.  The Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) offers a number of low-cost online classes in multimedia.  Even if branching doesn't interest you, find a way to make your written content stand out.  Either become an expert or find ways to effectively fight writer's block.