Build Your Online Profile with a Movie About...YOU!

This is a short post/week because of a project I just completed and the fact that I'm going back to the drawing board on another.  The former was a short movie featuring a family member that I'm pretty proud of but you can do this easily with a number of free/low-cost apps.  Making professional-quality videos at home may fall under presentations, animation software, or graphic design programs.  While I have some previous experience in this area, I can answer some questions you may have.

What if I Have Little Knowledge?

Programs like Animaker allow you to click-and-drag/drop while previewing how certain objects will look. By doing a search for the best animation software for beginners, you can see a basic rundown of features as well as costs.  When creating a video for promotional purposes, it's best to keep the time short anyway.  Shorter videos are easier to edit and once you find compatible software, you can add on elements and features as you please.

What Type of Content Should I Create?

Though you may envision yourself as a superhero, it may be best to steer clear of fantasy images (unless that's part of your brand).  What you create is entirely up to you but it helps to be unique as possible.  The above video may inspire some ideas for content.  I suppose the best rule of thumb is to create something that's memorable yet relevant.

What About My Office Suite Software?

Yes, Google Drive and Microsoft Office are free and already paid for, respectively but the selection is limited.  However, these are good places to get your feet wet and learn about basics, such as colors and layout.  If you were to visit the Microsoft Store, you may find an add-on that will help you add that special touch to your finished product.

Anything Else I Should Note?

If you have a FB account and you begin doing searches for products, you will be flooded with offers that sound a little too good to be true.  For instance, to subscribe by the month may cost $10 or $20 but the FB offer states the same program is sold as a $67 download.  All I can say is read the comments and you'll see why you may want to throw caution to the wind.

Also, Blender may be a part of the list of recommended animation programs for beginners.  As someone who once worked as a graphic artist, I can tell you that while it's reputable and free, user-friendly it is NOT.  A few reviewers share my sentiment and while it's quite the teaching tool for someone looking to be an animator without the high tuition, it's not for the novice who's in a rush.

And while it may go without saying, free anything online is seldom without obligation.  Though I'm currently having some FB security issues, programs like Canva may want your other social media account info.  While I've been using Canva for a couple of years with no problems, some may not like the watermark that lets everyone know you're on a freebie account.  This comes with a lot of free accounts and if you load onto YouTube, there are some creator tools that will allow you to crop any logo or other images you don't want.