Freelance Leads for Fall 2021 Part 1 of 3

If you've been in struggle mode with your freelance venture, here's some excellent advice!

Today is the unofficial day of getting your holiday plans together.  Cooking, shopping for and returning things, or taking time for loved ones. For many freelancers, it can also be looked at as a money grab, whether you sell goods or services. If your biz took a hit recently, you may be looking at different ways to make money using your talents or exploring a new industry.  Maybe a little of both.

While a lot of former digital marketers or graphic designers may be exploring a new career in user experience, others may desire something less formal. In other words, get in quick with minimal investment and not deal with exams or certifications. Although advancement through education or training is always a good thing, wanting a quick buck (or a stack) isn’t a crime either.  

You may even discover a new skill or full-time career along the way.  There’s even a chance of meeting someone special that will change your life forever.  Well, enough of the sentimental stuff, here’s what I’ve got so far in terms of opportunity leads.

If you’ve noticed that the ‘Freelance Gig to Consider’ post series has slowed down a bit recently, hopefully, this post will make up for lost time.  I went through a brain fog during my ongoing treatments and one day...BOOM...found a ton of leads.  Since I’d like to stay in good with my audience and SEO, I’ve decided to break these into two three posts - one for creative folks, one for unusual or miscellaneous gigs, and one for service work.

Start a paid newsletter - there are some things that work better in a publication and it’s also a low-risk way to self-publish.  Tim Stodz has some good information about how to get started and create a passive revenue stream.  If you’re still looking for your writing voice, sites like Sendfox have a free option that will allow you to send to 1000 contacts.

Get your art licensed - in these times of an unpredictable economy, there’s nothing like collecting royalties for your creative works. With sites like Etsy becoming so popular, it’s nice to diversify until you can come up with a new e-marketing strategy.  Cherbearcreative has some good information about preparation and applying to licensing companies.  The federal government also has a wealth of advice for those who want to license their work without the help of an agent.  If you’re outside of the States, Katerina Stamatelos has a ton of links and leads to licensing agencies in the U.S. and the U.K.  Lots of scrolling to get to the good stuff.

Become a personal chef - yes, I know it seems that the market is oversaturated right now but between the shortage of consumer goods and the reluctance of many individuals to eat out or spend more time in a supermarket than necessary is still a factor as of October 2021.  

There are other things to consider as well, such as the need (or desire) for certain dishes that aren’t within our reach.  I live in L.A. County and there’s no restaurant within 10-miles of me that sells fried turkey.  In case you didn’t already know, frying at home without following directions is extremely dangerous.  And those home indoor fryers can be really bulky for those of us that live in small spaces.  This is to say that opening a food truck or mobile business that specializes in hard-to-find dishes is ideal.

Then there’s the fact that some people are not at their best in the kitchen, particularly with healthy meals. Even for us decent cooks, it can take a minute to get seasonings and other ingredients right.  If you have healthy and/or delectable cuisine mastered, I recommend registering with Hire a Chef and Eat With

Remember folks, this is a 3-part series.  The other leads I have deal with different areas of the service industry that are rarely explored but so far, are not limited to trades or blue-collar work.  Other leads are on the unusual side but I’m also double-checking to make sure these extra money options are safe.

Have a good weekend!