When Taking Shortcuts Goes Wrong

By now, you’re probably experimenting with new ways to generate more income for your business or brand.  Sometimes, the only way to know whether something will work is to dive in and flow with the learning curve.  This is how many people move ahead in their career or business aspirations but the tough part is moving ahead when you’ve fumbled.

While we all make mistakes or feel we’ve got it in the bag with a few mouse clicks based on our solid credentials or reputation, due diligence never hurts anybody.  EVER.  Here are a few moneymaking ideas, along with easy step-by-step directions, that can increase anyone’s profits in a short period of time - 

  1. Converting blog contents into an ebook

  2. Selling photos to stock companies

  3. Doing a video summary of things that reflect your brand and uploading it to YouTube (or other video streaming service).

  4. Repurposing your slides into an MP4 video

  5. Creating a (live, written, or streaming) tutorial series based on things you know

My latest personal account regarding hustles gone wrong involves a digital marketing class I took recently.  Just to give you a background, I have a degree in social media marketing.  It’s an undergrad degree but I don’t feel my studies, at the time reflected what’s being going on with online marketing overall.  While I love my alma mater, I hate the protocol they must follow to get a for-credit class approved.  Create a proposal, present it to tptb, hope it will be added to the college catalog, and find an instructor with the right credentials to maintain decent attendance so things aren't up in the air come the next school year.

This is why when I found a college district with a fatter budget (long story) offering free classes, I thought I’d hit the jackpot.  Not quite.

I have work experience and formal studies in many things involving creative marketing.  Obviously, I love it because I keep returning to this blog.  However, I respect my audience and their time so if I can’t come correct, I wait it out a few days.  If days turn into weeks, then it’s time for a new strategy (Stay tuned, because we are making some new changes for 2022).

(not the actual instructor, I thought this was kind of funny)

This is all to say that some people who call themselves college instructors don’t always work by example.  They didn’t receive their credentials using other people’s work (online articles or videos) as submissions for projects when they were a student.  So what’s the problem with creating content for students that’s easy to read and understand?

One instructor who “teaches” digital marketing records live classroom sessions and uploads on YouTube.  This is actually genius but those on the receiving end, in this case, are treated to blurry screens, fuzzy audio, and mumbled conversations amongst students that appear to be really funny.  For someone on the outside viewing this, it looks like the joke’s on them. Not to mention discussions and quizzes based on the material provided.

Now, another instructor I have has a very heavy accent.  As a native Californian, I’d thought I’d mastered every dialect as far as comprehending conversations goes.  While I’m stumped once in a while, there’s a video, some notes, and easy directions to accompany live lectures.

Finally, I just want to put it out there that when you create a product for consumption - whether it’s a loss leader or something for direct sale, have respect for your buyer (or better, the person likely to spread the good word so you don’t eventually get canceled).