A Freelance Gig to Consider: Wedding Officiant

If you're tired of the same opportunities being listed online, then looking into trends may be the way to go. According to Forbes, 2022 is the year people are getting married in large numbers. Since June is the most popular month to get hitched, this may be the right time to jump on this opportunity.

How Can You Become a Wedding Officiant

While you may have seen how dim-witted sitcom characters like Homer Simpson get their wedding officiant credentials online, it's not quite that simple. That is unless you live in an area that has express ceremonies where it really doesn't matter who marries a couple. Anyway, there's a lot more to consider before jumping into this field.

At WeddingOfficiants.com, it helps to know about weddings, as they can vary by culture, religion, or other factors that couples must abide by. This also entails writing vows, coordinating the order and design of the ceremony, and if applicable, implementing certain traditions. In other words, this "gig" isn't to be taken lightly.

Common Misconceptions About Officiants

Firstly, you don't need training at a theological school or be a religious figure. Those who perform wedding ceremonies without religious affiliation are called civil officiants. While this type of officiant isn't necessarily affiliated with the local courts, there are certain guidelines that vary by state they must adhere to.

Because this title is very important, one thing should be clear. Anyone who becomes an officiant in their state cannot perform commitment ceremonies or any other event that cannot be considered a legal union. In fact, anyone who impersonates an officiant may be charged with a crime and sent to prison - depending on the laws of a particular state or jurisdiction.

How Much Can You Make?

According to The Ultimate Side Hustle Book, you can charge fees starting at $50. I'd imagine this is the type of gig where things like travel expenses (namely gas) can be figured into the final cost. In fact, if you have a decent running vehicle, you can promote services saying you'll travel anywhere.

What are the Startup Costs?

From what I could see, you can become ordained online for as little as $20.  Like any other small business, you have to figure out the cost of business cards, flyers, or online ads that describe your services (adding that you're LGBTQ can go a long way in some areas).  If you're using social media to promote services, you may consider starting a blog or podcast that discusses relationships. So, overall you can probably get started in a weekend for less than $100.

Why This Gig is Worth Considering

Although this type of work tends to be seasonal, there may be some slow periods