Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Never Sell Your Services with Scraps

Firstly, let's look at the root word here. I'd never offer something that's worse than nothing and this is out of respect for me and my audience.

Many of us either grew up with a repurposing mindset or, the current economy has forced us into such. While this isn't a bad thing, it helps to know what's worth saving and when to roll the dice to see if something will stick. In a world where home and small businesses are becoming the norm for many adults, it seems like offering customers something of value makes sense. However, there are many once-popular entities that seem to not get the message.

True story. I got an email from a company I used to sell some unwanted items more than a year ago. Things went well and I chose to remain on their email list for future announcements or whatever else they felt like sharing. Then I received an email stating I had a store credit and I should cash or spend immediately.

It was for $0.01. Yep, one penny...like I don't have several rolls of these (and the silver stuff) laying around in my home.

So, I thought about others who may have interrupted their busy Monday to find they were confronted with a request to buy something. I don't hate the game, it's the tactic that's not only old but becoming useless.

Respect Your Audience

No one wants to be insulted and when it comes to spending money, the options are limitless in most cases. So when you make an initial (or better, touch base in a long time), make an impression. If you use email to promote your goods or services, use it to answer a common question  - 'What's in it for me?'

Say It Quickly

Have you noticed that those landing pages that take at least ten minutes to read are becoming a thing of the past? I can recall meeting with one client who wanted me to duplicate content from a competitor for a weight loss product. It looked like a waste of page space that would be forever ignored and never shared.

Be Honest

Some of you may have found yourself on the floor laughing at this subtitle but face it, online shoppers are getting hip. While SEO marketing is effective when done right, it's a waste when your content is a bunch of trendy keyphrases and fluff. If you're unsure about your audience, take a look at your strongest competitor.

Make Social Media Efforts Matter

Keeping an editorial calendar is a lot better than making random posts on a blog or social media account. It helps you see how content serves different purposes and ensures timeliness. If you're fortunate to have an assistant, you can also confer with them about ideas and types of content that will keep your brand fresh.

Long story short...if you use weak or overly-aggressive marketing tactics, money may be slipping through your hands.

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