The Best Book for Struggling Content Writers Right Now

If you've noticed a recent shift in work that's leaving you with more downtime than you prefer, you're not alone. In addition to blogging, I'm something of a veteran when it comes to dealing with content companies and can confirm the suspicions many content writers have expressed on message boards and other forums. While there are many reasons why content companies are downsizing or closing their doors, I can say it's not entirely the fault of AI technology text generators.

In case you haven't noticed, AI can't replace a writer who knows what they're talking about. This is what separates generalists from specialists, or people with extensive industry or topic knowledge. And if you've been dealing with a company that uses a tier ('X' number of stars out of 5, based on overall quality) system for its writers, then it may be time to come up with another strategy. Speaking from recent experience, even if you're a high-ranking writer that had an oops moment before hitting the submit button, this means you, too.

The great thing about this business is that it's easy to dust yourself off and either start over or come up with a new strategy. While writing about general topics may bring in consistent income compared to niche topics like sustainable cosmetic brands or fitness for differently-abled individuals, it can also place you in a box. Being in that box can sometimes hinder you from future opportunities. Personally, I say it's how you brand yourself. In other words, keep unrelated topics or interests separate when promoting self.

On to the good news. For the past few months, I've been revisiting why I like writing and things related to communication. However, there's nothing like finding a gem in a sea of people who either go way overboard in their advice or tell you to move on to something else.

Instead of waiting for content companies to decide whether they like you or if they are going to close their doors, this book is perfect for moving the heck on. Yes, whether you're a beginning writer or entry-level marketer looking to diversify, this book has the perfect tone for those who want facts and not the author's life story (yawn).

How to Write for Fun and Profit by Robert (Bob) W. Bly (2021) has been updated to include online marketing techniques that follow current algorithms yet encourage a unique voice. By sharing the various mediums, you, as a writer, can navigate, you'll find how easy it is to create and sell your own products. While I understand not everyone is cut for business, think of it as a simple income stream, even if you have to build an audience by giving away samples.

I'm speaking from personal experience as I, earlier in the year got hit with a major case of writer's block. Like most people, I recognized there was a problem and possibly a good reason why my output was minimal and what I submitted lacked flavor. When I met (and paid for a writing coach), that even managed to go south. Over time, I managed to look within and keep searching for guidance. Right after the coaching fiasco (which actually started off well), I realized my trusty library had a lot of the answers. Thanks, Mr. Bly!