Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Doing the DIY Thing between Gigs

If you're tired of overworked grocery store clerks telling you where you can and cannot go, or wondering if the person in line ahead of you in the grocery checkout is a hoarder or professional shopper, then going the homemade route only makes sense.

While I don't know the effectiveness of non-disposable tp (I once had an artist friend who had a sock for visitors to use...let's just say I'm happy that I wasn't regular back then), there are many things that can be made that may work even better than the man-made stuff.  Not only are some of the ingredients easier to find but the overall (because the U.S is down until April 30...at least) cost is less.

Then again, this may be the perfect time to learn how to grow your own produce.  The above video has some cool techniques or you can look into ways to grow food in small spaces.

Which reminds me, don't pay more for tp than necessary.  Dollar stores, liquor, and convenience retailers might be some alternate options.  One way to extend your current supply is to get the disposable wipes that can be flushed.

Even though these ran me about $7 at Wally World, it's better than what some of the scammers were trying to pull.  At the peak of the CV hysteria, I got suckered into buying five small rolls of tp for about $28 with shipping included.  While many retailers are taking advantage of supply and demand business practices, it is against the law in most states for anyone to gouge the price beyond sane levels.

You may know of some of the resources below or if you're considering downsizing to make your money last, it never hurts to check it out.  Even better, share this with anyone that may have kids or other ongoing major expenses.  Most of all, maintain your sanity.

Get help with bills (federal gov. site)

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