Social Media Revamp...Does Your Brand Need One?


The Big Three - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (IG) ...or maybe swap IG for YouTube.  Maybe MySpace is still your friend in terms of traffic...or is it just a familiar place?  The thing is, we freelancers know not all social media channels are best for our brand.  Remember back in the day when the so-called "experts" would push The Big Three on anyone not knowing what our product was about?

Thank goodness those days are gone.  There's so much more to choose from, as social media has not only become more varied but targeted to the microniche.  Instead of just dealing with cartoons, comics, or crafts, more emphasis is placed on manga, needle arts, or where to find the best cosplay events in your area.

Of course, if your social media plan is played out (as in your traffic has dwindled in recent) or you never got on board, this may be the best time to change old habits  The first course of action should be to know how you will use social media, followed by getting an updated list of social media sites.

So Why Can't I Use My Personal Social Media Page?

Because it's always best to keep things separate.  Big or mid-money clients don't want to see an email that doesn't have a personalized domain.  When someone visits your social media page, they may not want to see your pets (unless Fluffy is out there hustling for you and that's your brand), kids, or personal opinions.  This holds especially true if some of the sentiments you've expressed in the past may be controversial.

Although another small business may not be as likely to check as an employer, it still helps to cover your tracks.  Not all business social media accounts cost a fortune and taking the time to set it up properly is sure to pay off.  However, it doesn't hurt to do a little tweaking to set yourself apart.  Here's a list of social media resources that are affordable and can improve your online presence.

I Want to Protect My Clients by Not Exposing their Personal Data

While it's safe to say who leads in the social media data breaches, all the transparency in the world isn't guaranteed to build everyone's confidence.  The only other measures you can take is to invest in an email marketing program that's been proven and ensure that your device or laptop is free of malware and scanned regularly.  If your email software allows users to manage the frequency and/or type of emails they want to receive, this not only saves time but promotes positive communication.

Why Would I Join a Site that Doesn't Allow Me to Sell My Goods?

For the past decade, many people have sold their wares using Instagram.  The above video shows how to do it without a website (Take that GoDaddy!) and sites like Pinterest have relationships with marketplace vendors that allow users to sell directly to the public.  Facebook has its own marketplace that is so loaded with traffic, it may help you to get familiar with a short tutorial before uploading pics or writing up a listing.

Also, remember that many sites are best for seeing real people that most likely have an interest or need in your offerings.  Unless they have really tight security settings, you can reach out to them directly.  However, it's best to have your own social media presence so they can check you out before buying or linking to your website.

How Do I Know They Won't Change Up or Disappear Overnight?

Yes, I know this happens from time to time.  The only thing I can suggest is to diversify your social media accounts and look out for any drops in traffic, or if need be, how the company is performing in the stock market.  If keeping up with a bunch of social media accounts isn't your thing, get a Hootsuite account.  They've been around for a minute and have a few platforms for every type of user, including free accounts for those who are just starting out.