Freelance Leads for Fall 2021 Part 2 of 3

The nice thing about service work is there’s always demand or a place to create a niche.  For instance, someone who lives in an area where the weather’s nice might see an increase in electric bikes on the road.  Anyone that knows about bicycles, or maybe a mechanic, may want to learn how to repair or maintain this latest mode of self-transportation that’s growing in popularity.

While COVID has damaged many lives and created chaos within the U.S. healthcare system, it has also made many adults change the way they see their lives overall. Now that things are returning to normal, more people are saving money, making wiser buying choices, and learning how to enjoy themselves. One way that individuals and families are leading a better quality existence is by traveling more.

Show Off Your City


A few weeks ago, I mentioned becoming a local tour bus operator in your town. Even if all you have are a couple of interest points in your neighborhood, you can always coordinate a special deal by joining forces with the local restaurants and other places that can accommodate small groups. Talking to a couple of travel agents may inspire or initiate a partnership that includes the promotion of your local tour offerings.

Just a tip here. This gig is perfect for those who love interacting with people and don’t mind taking charge with a smile. Although your prime target might be out-of-town visitors, some of your clients may attract those who live nearby as well. Either way, it’s up to you to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

If you’re looking to get your feet wet before making a major investment, register with sites like With Locals or check out this article by Steve Razinski where he weighs the pros and cons of tour guide entrepreneurship.

Going for Gigs that Never Go Out of Style

Anyone that’s ever bought a house knows there are many steps involved and different individuals involved with each step. While a notary or real estate broker seems to be the road to riches with minimal training, there’s another title that’s just as valuable. This gig also requires little-to-no formal training or education.

A mortgage (also known as a bank or field) inspector is someone who walks around the property and makes notes of things in need of repair and other notations. They may also be asked to take pictures of their findings. One thing for certain is that a car with proper insurance is needed to travel to different locations.

Although Glassdoor shows that the average pay for mortgage inspectors is around $48K a year, not sure if using a rideshare service would be suitable for this gig. Besides gas, another factor to consider is whether you need to pay for training. Ages ago, I’d heard of someone paying a couple hundred dollars to a correspondence school for a short-term distance (pre-internet) learning program. Word is they made the money back with the first job.

In my research, some training fees were in the few hundreds for online training BUT there were some companies that offered paid training. Besides banks, insurance companies need inspectors who can work on-call. Other companies include We Go Look and Mortgage Brokers Field Services. The former is more of a miscellaneous gig but can pay off for anyone who lives around or near a lot of commerce.

Finally, if you’re good with vehicles whether it be repair, restoration, or have related skills, you can thrive during a time when more people are keeping their cars longer. Based on the current economy, this trend may go on for a while. In the meantime, you may want to consider starting a mobile mechanic business.

One reason this type of business is popular is the reduced overhead but if you don’t have certain tools at your disposal, acquiring them isn’t cheap. If building the funds is on your agenda, here are a few leads that may be of help -

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