Friday, May 1, 2020

What Freelancers Can Do When They're Tired of their Pets

Yes, our four-legged roommates are cuddly, furry, and maybe fascinating to watch...but let's not get too distracted.  Unlike kids, they don't need as much attention as you think (unless your pet was bad-ass before the pandemic), so maybe you can use downtime to focus and possibly, fine-tune your freelance goals.

The cuteness never stops

If you thought the competition was tough prior to, the narrowing work pools are about to get more congested with aspiring freelancers as well as those who need to work remotely.  Sounds like the time to step up your game or find a way to diversify your offerings.  While this may not apply to those freelancers that have an ongoing client waiting list...getting comfy isn't advised when sharks may be trying to invade your territory.

Content Contributors/Writers - There was a time when transcription work was an ideal way to fill in slow periods but these days, getting an entry-level gig is harder than ever.  From applicant restrictions by their state residence to lengthy waiting lists (and this was before the pandemic), no one wants to wait to be paid $0.00765/word and the payout is $50USD.  If your analytical or math skills are decent, then marketing may be something to consider.  This gets more in-depth than a simple placement of social media content or copywriting.  You would have to prove to clients on paper how you can use these tools to improve their sales or increase engagement.  The good news is that freelancers don't necessarily need a degree and there are numerous digital marketing courses that range from free to less than $1000.