Thursday, January 27, 2022

A Freelance Gig to Consider: Certified Juice Therapist

I have no personal knowledge of this entity, as it came up on my Facebook feed over the holidays. It's a new year and some of you may be considering a new hustle.  Hey, bills have to be paid but this juice therapist certification is the only one I've seen of its kind. do we know it's legit?  Maybe poke around the site and ask yourself some very important questions.

The Juice Guru website looks interesting and appears to be informative.  While I couldn't find a page with the startup costs, there's a payment plan for those on a budget.  In their refund policy, they state the program isn't for the person who isn't serious.  This is good to know because refunds are prorated depending on how far a person's progressed.

I'd say this is a good business idea for those who have - 

  • Improved their health through juicing
  • Lost weight safely (as in maintaining for a lengthy period) by juicing
  • Know the science behind healing with food
  • Willing to create a solid social media campaign testifying the benefits of juicing

While there are freebies and other things that look promising from a health perspective, I'd proceed with caution.  With further navigation, there's a soft spot I never play with, regardless of how much money is involved.  To this day, I've never heard of anyone curing cancer with juice consumption and for someone who's currently in remission (again), I think it's a bold statement.  While The Juice Guru has been accredited and has a long list of good reviews and testimonials, it can't hurt to do thorough research.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Advantages of Going After Local Businesses

If you're one of those viral freelancers that keeps a time zone chart on your device or on hard copy, you may be overlooking opportunities not found overseas...but right in your backyard.  Chances are strong that if payment is slow or never happens, it's easier to track down a local or someone that lives more than 5000+ miles away.  While it's good to have clients in other places that speak the native language, you never know what kind of opportunities you're passing up around the corner.

Although you can approach some of the new and smaller companies in your area about using your services, adding a local SEO content strategy is an alternative that takes less time.  Besides people who may want to work from a remote location (like their home office), there are those with other reasons.  Some individuals affected by the pandemic may want to reduce live contact as much as possible.  

This local approach is a win for both parties for different reasons.  

  • Other than the payment factor, live recommendations often go further than those that are viral.  This isn't to take away from the high ratings you may have received on an onboard/freelance site.  However, dealing with a local entity saves many hassles for the client and freelancer. It can also lead to more opportunities via referral.
  • Familiarity with local happenings and places.  It's not hard to tell when location-based content has been written by someone not familiar with the area.  Sometimes, content companies recommend their contributors do a little research but this can be dated or has been impacted by the pandemic.  This can also affect turnaround times or communication.
  • Speaking the native language.  While an area or country may mostly speak one type of language, local speech brings a familiarity to a particular group.  For example, using Jamaican or Creole patois (outside of a publication that specifically serves an audience) in a place like Los Angeles may not gain traffic like it would in New York or parts of the southern states.
  • Often when new businesses launch, many don't know where to look for their next coder, technical writer, or virtual assistant.  Many go through the popular sites and create their own filters knowing they may have to start the process again in a matter of weeks  By making it known that you live in/near the area and have resided there for a while, this factor may bring some mutual peace of mind about distance issues.